Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Quick Quiz: #3 Scott Matthewman

1. Where are you working at present?

I'm Online Editor/Digital Project Manager for The Stage.

2. Describe your occupation and why you love it.

I look after the content of our website, as well as working on various improvements which should start becoming available over the next 6-9 months. We're also developing other digital projects, such as a range of mobile phone apps. When I can squeeze in the time, I also write the occasional feature and review. There's so much variety in amongst all that, how could you not love it? Apart from the lack of hours in the day, of course...

3. Who do you most enjoy working with and why?

Well I'm not going to pick someone from The Stage, as it'd be too hard to pick just one! Editorially, a friendly and responsive PR company makes all the difference in the world. Kevin Wilson at KWPR and Katherine Ives at Trilby are great fun to do business with.

4. What's your dream day?

Take in a show or two, hang out with friends and finish up by drinking lavish cocktails. Oh, and as it's a dream day, no hangover the following morning would be lovely, ta.

5. Favourite ever show and why?

So many to choose from! Several years ago, the Landor put on a New York-based musical comedy called I Love You Because. It's a wonderful show and I listen to the off-Broadway cast recording regularly.

6. Favourite actor/actress and why?

I adore Lesley Sharp – she's one of those performers who chooses her projects very carefully, so that just having her name on the cast list indicates it's a project I'm going to like, whether on television or on stage.

7. Favourite band/musical artist and why?

An Oregon-based group called Pink Martini. I suppose you might classify them as light jazz, but they absorb influences from around the world like musical magpies – you never know whether their next track is a Japanese folk song, a twisted take on the great American songbook or inspired by a traditional Hebrew prayer. They're constantly surprising and i can't wait to see them live at the Royal Albert Hall in October.

8. Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Hmm. I'll be 65. Hopefully retired, on a Caribbean island somewhere, waited on hand and foot by a bevy of men, figuring out how I can possibly spend all those millions I've earned. As for now, I'll have to content myself on working out how to earn those millions in the first place...

9. Any exciting future projects you'd like to mention?

There are lots of exciting projects on The Stage website coming up over the next year. We're moving from being a newspaper with a website attached, to offering a range of products that only the internet can do well. And that's always exciting.

10. Random one: what's your favorite cheese?


11. Do you have Twitter? Do you follow @the_prompt? You should...

Yes, my personal account is @scottm, but I also keep an eye on @TheStage and our other company accounts.

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